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Our services are tailored to your company’s needs. From transportation & disposal of clean or contaminated soils, to LEED points to certification, we have you covered.


Avenue Soils follows the industry's best practices. Our qualified professionals will help guide your soil transportation & disposal needs from beginning to end.

Clean Fill Procurement Transportation & Disposal

24/7 clean fill loading transportation & disposal to approved sites

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Clean Fill Site Locations

We can provide a very large choice of clean fill sites to service your needs. Our site list is updated monthly for your convenience.

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Impacted Non-Hazardous Soils

Transportation, disposal and excavation services.

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Full Site Remediation

We can recommend a low-cost detailed plan to bring your site back to safe environmental conditions.

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Solid Waste Removal and Disposal

We provide a variety of bin sizes for construction sites, renovation projects and more.

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Brownfield Lands

We purchase Brownfield property for redevelopment services.

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Old Landfill Site Redevelopment

We can convert old polluting landfill sites into clean, safe properties, ready for development. 

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Scrap Metals Recycling

We purchase scrap metals from construction sites and demolition projects.

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Hazardous Soils Transportation & Disposal

We can test, monitor and execute all your leachate toxic contaminated soils, sediments disposal and treatment programs.

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We are an experienced demolition contractor, equipped, trained, and organized to perform any type of demolition project, large or small.

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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Containers Removal and Disposal.

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